Mechanical keyboard into the pit guide (the most comprehensive Raiders)

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Before I write this article, I want everyone to remember one thing. Now, the most used electronic products around us, except for mobile phones, should be computers. With computers, there must be peripherals such as mice and keyboards. Our current life is really inseparable from the keyboard. A good keyboard is not only to improve work efficiency, but also to be aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Why do we like mechanical keyboards?
Like a thing is a subjective feeling of the human body, programmers will have a lot of things they like, mouse, keyboard, monitor, computer desk, headphones, stereo, almost everything that can be used every day can be burned, and basically they are not seen The big pit at the bottom. So why burn a mechanical keyboard?

The keyboard can be said to be the most exposed device in our daily work, and the benefit of getting a pleasure in the keyboard is also the biggest. If there is any objection, then we will talk about it later.
To put it another way, according to subjective experience, the main features of mechanical keyboards are touch and percussion, which often resonate with people's hearts.
Tactile sensation is a very mysterious thing. Speaking of a mechanical keyboard is just harder and more paragraph-like than a membrane keyboard, but when you use a mechanical keyboard, you will feel that the button should be such a feeling that one day is not uncomfortable. The knocking sound is just a sound, but when it is associated with your finger movements, it creates a feedback that continues to give you a sense of pleasure.
In short, it is a bit unrealistic to enter the pit of a mechanical keyboard and then want to jump out.

The mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard. From the structure, each button of the mechanical keyboard has a separate switch to control the closing. This switch is also called "axis". According to the classification of the micro switch, the mechanical keyboard Can be divided into tea axis, green axis, white axis, black axis and red axis.

Mechanical keyboard definition
The axis is the core of the mechanical keyboard, which is equivalent to the CPU of the computer. Anyone who knows a little about mechanical keyboards knows the difference between green axis and black axis.


The shafts on the general market are divided into:
Cherry MX axis (usually the black axis, the green axis is the cherry MX axis, the original factory)
Omron shaft (Logitech dedicated mechanical shaft)
Kaihua axis (domestic axis, Leizi green axis is also customized by Kaihua)
Squirrel axis (magic duck special axis)
There are quite a few similar ones, so I won’t say much here. In short, remember me a word, generally speaking, black, blue, tea, red axis is the cherry MX axis.

This is the place where we usually touch the keyboard when it is used. It is mounted on the shaft and can be removed for cleaning. Always use the key puller for the pull cap.


The general keycaps are divided into three categories: PBT, POM, ABS.
ABS is the most commonly used and widely used keycap material, but its shortcomings are also very obvious, that is, "oiling", after a long time of use, the keycap becomes shiny and very ugly.
POM is slightly better than ABS, which is common in the original (Cherry) keyboard, which is more resistant to oiling and has little difference in other aspects.
PBT has the highest quality and the highest price, and it is said to never be oiled. However, the feel is really better than the ABS material, and there is a feeling of sandpaper.

In addition, there are three special keycaps: sublimation, two-color and metal.
Generally, the words on the key cap are printed, and the bumps can be felt when touched, and will be worn away after a long time. The thermal sublimation keycap directly diffuses the dye molecules into the PBT material by heating, so that the characters are not worn away, but at a higher price.

The two-color keycap goes one step further. When making it, the two-color plastic is used to make the keycap, and the word and the keycap are directly integrated into one. The two-color keycap is very expensive, and a keycap can even buy an entry-level mechanical keyboard.


Mechanical keyboard light
The mechanical keyboard keys are backlit, and the keyboard of the light factory is the king (Razer).
However, the more complex the structure is, the more difficult it is to ensure quality. This is not to say much. Everyone in the lamp factory knows everything.
The mechanical keyboard light is convenient for the convenience of working in a dim location, but now the mechanical keyboard with lights is purely good-looking, IMHO, colorful lights are actually considered light pollution.

XX button no punch
Xx is usually 6 keys, and 6 keys without punch means that pressing 6 buttons at the same time will not cause conflicts. The current USB interface and Bluetooth can basically do 6-key no-rush, if it is PS/2 interface (that is, the old-fashioned round mouth) theoretically can achieve full keyboard without punch.

104, 87 and other figures
In fact, what 104-key keyboard, 87-key keyboard, is the number of mechanical keyboard keys, 104 has a small keyboard area, 87 is not, and small as the world's first 61-key design of the poker, is to integrate some function keys into A key is used to implement each function using FN+ keys.

How to choose a mechanical keyboard?


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