What is the danger of sedentary?

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What is the danger of sedentary?

What is the danger of sedentary?

From the spine department's point of view, these locations are each a time bomb.

If any single posture is too long, it will easily cause the soft tissue muscle tension around the joints to increase, affect the local blood circulation to slow down, and the joint pressure will increase, which will result in stabilization of the spine.

Sexual decline, physiological curvature deformation, induced a series of symptoms of small joint disorders such as disc herniation, chronic tendonitis ... ...

so we have to say it again, every half an hour up activities.

 If you are a sedentary person in the office, it is advisable to use stand up desk. A simple office method can give you a healthier body. worth it!

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  • A new study shows that sitting for a long time every day has great health hazards. Such as diabetes, prostate disease, heart disease and other risks. Although it sounds very distant and terrible, it must be taken seriously for people who sit for long hours of work every day.

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