1 Square Meter P6.25 Led Dancing Floor LED Display Screen


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    P6.25 led floor dance LED led screen video wall LED panel dancing LED screens led advertising boards stage concert etc.


    Characteristics and Photos:

    1. Product features: Super thin, super clear, super bright, super light
    2. special material of magnalium alloy, especially light, only 15 kg / cabinet;

    3. Transparent exposure effect, seamless splicing <0.2mm;

    4. Slim and light design and quick closure, easy to assemble and disassemble in a 10s cabinet;
    5. high update rate with Nova / Linsn / Mooncell system, good show on camera / mobile or TV;
    6. Consistent color temperature and brightness, without mosiac or blind spot;
    7. Suitable for any indoor or outdoor application, fixed or rental;


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