10pieces High-definition LED Display P6 16x32 RGB SMD3 in 1 Plain Color Inside P6 Medium 16x32 RGB LED Matrix Panel(7.6" x 3.8" x 0.5")


  • $259.00

  • Product advantage:
    1 Super bright LED and plastic quality.
    2 High contrast can achieve good results.
    3 Weight is easy to install and remove.
    4 Single point, single light maintenance, low cost.
    5 Constant current mode is used to drive LED, even light, low power consumption.
    6 Beads glue dispersing agent (DP), surface spray. The point light source into surface light source, to ensure consistency of better visual effect, more plump, soft.
    7.100% new material support rubber shell (PPA), seal.

    We don't have a spec or datasheet at this time. However, these are the specifications from the factory.

    Dimensions: 192mm x 96mm x 12mm (7.6" x 3.8" x 0.5")
    Panel weight with IDC cable and power cable: 170g
    5V regulated power input, 2.5A max (all LEDs on)
    5V data logic level input
    2000 mcd LEDs on 6mm pitch
    1/8 scan rate
    Indoor display, 120 degree visibility
    Displays are 'chainable' - connect one output to the next input - but our Arduino example code does not support this yet.


    Packing including 

    10pieces P6 LED Display Module


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