Infrared Laser Level

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    4 in 1 Infrared Laser Level Cross Line Laser Tape 2.5M Measurment Multipurpose Hand Tool


    • The first function: laser level can measure whether flat or uneven paintings, etc., LV03 laser level can play three kinds of lines: a word line, cross line combined firm line (also known as moldings).
    • The second function: horizontal bead on laser level, to measure whether the horizontal level, LV03 Laser Level measuring more than a 45 degree angle drops
    • The third function: laser level comes with ring-foot (2.5 m, with inch scale).
    • The fourth function: LV03 laser level on the edge of the scale (15cm, 6 inches)
    • Another function of iron absorption can be added in the bottom of the aluminum laser level

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