Ultraviolet disinfection lamp

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    Ultraviolet disinfection lamp timer remote control for household,kindergarten sterilization ultraviolet germicidal lamp
    PS: Prolonged exposure to UV rays can burn human and animal skin, do damage to the human eye.
    Prolonged exposure to ozone will damage the respiratory tract. lt require people  and animals waiting outside during disinfection , after disinfection is completed  it also need to wait more than 40 minutes for ozene   decomposition completing. 


    Product name: remote control timer germicidal lamp
    Power consumption: 36W
    Rated voltage: 220V
    Rated frequency: 50Hz
    Timed mode: electronic timing
    Remote control: 30 m wireless wall control
    Area: less than 40 square meters of space
    Product life: 8,000 hours
    Power cable length: 180cm
    Dimension: high 42cm base diameter 19cm