WiFi Light Bulb Hidden Spy Security Camera


  • $65.99

  • A dual light bulb and camera that will let you watch whoever comes to your house in plain sight! It's motion detected up to 5 meters and a night vision of up to 8-10 meters.

    It can record both video and sounds - it's also equipped for 2 way communications. It easily connects to your smartphone or computer, enabling you to keep an eye on your home and see exactly who shows up at your door!


    • 720p HD night-vision video and audio recording
    • Fully functional light bulb
    • Wireless device: watch remotely on phone or tablet
    • Up to 32GB of storage space or record to phone
    • Includes night vision
    • Easy set up - plugs straight into light socket
    • Draws power from light socket
    • Excellent nanny cam
    • Very covert
    • Perfect for surveillance in: home, office, entryways
    • Includes motion-activated mode 

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